Women Waken

Women Waken is an offering of  Whitney Walker, LMFT  towards the resurgence of the divine feminine and masculine in our world. It is an invitation and request for all beings to begin the pursuit of personal sovereignty.

Women Waken offers all genders the opportunity to embark on the inner journey of self healing to awaken the authentic self. Through direct services including psychotherapy, recovery coaching, and spiritual guidance, Whitney offers a powerful path to healing and self alignment.

Women Waken is a call to look within and reveal our personal truth, wisdom, unique gifts, and power. We are our own greatest authority of truth and inner knowing capable of guiding us to self-fulfillment and higher purpose. In order to access that knowing, we first must heal and align with our authentic self. Only then can our feminine energy come through which has the ability to restore balance and harmony within ourselves. Collectively we can then bring that same restoration to the world. It is time for us to begin.

Begin to heal, align, and bring forth your authentic self.

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