We’ve all been there before. We’ve sworn off dating, deciding to take a break and focus on ourselves until the real deal comes along. And then…someone does come along, but it ain’t quite it. Yet it is someone to date, spend time with, have sex with, text with, and share life with. Nothing wrong with exploring options yet at what point do we decide that we’re REALLY ready to wait for the one? Getting involved with someone has its repercussions. We get caught up in emotional attachment and companionship among other things and before we know it months or years have past. If you’ve gone through enough cycles and you know what you REALLY want, why bother settling for less?

On this identify and heal solo episode, I talk about the risk we take in accepting low grade connections that can keep us tied up emotionally and mentally with someone who isn’t our person. Knowing that a connection is not the one isn’t always a reason to cut it off, it can be great to get experience, yet at a certain point when you’re done with “learning” from dating and want to find a true, long lasting partnership it may no longer be advantageous to go another round through the cycle of failed relationships and to rather hold out for an aligned & divine Soul Mate.

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