In this week’s solo episode I wanted to expand on some of the topics that my guest from last week, Kinjal Shah, and I spoke about on the show last week. Including asking the question of, what is wellness? An dhow can we begin to bring our life into greater balance so we can begin to experience wellbeing at the levels of mind, body, and emotions? 

On this solo episode I offer 3 tips for taking steps towards a greater understanding of ourselves and our needs to obtain balance, harmony, and fulfillment in life. These 3 steps include:

1) Making a “Wheel of Wellness” to better conceptualize what areas of our lives our meeting our needs/lacking
2) Asking ourselves the huge question of, “Who am I?” free from titles and labels
3) Building awareness around what we consume and listening to our bodies to tell us what’s working and what’s not

Wellness, finding harmony and balance by creating a Wheel of Wellness. 
Asking ourselves, who are you? 
Listening to our bodies in terms of what we consume and how we respond to it

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