People tend to feel one way or another about the practice of visualization. They either think it’s bullshit or that it’s the first step of the sacred creation process towards manifesting your heart’s desires. I for one am big on visualization. Each morning I meditate and devote time to visualizing 3 things: My life with a Soul Mate, accomplishing goals I’m working to achieve, and living in the home I will one day have. I know that the better I can see it with my mind’s eye and feel the experiences energetically, the faster they will arrive in my life.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I share more about the powerful benefits of developing a visualization practice. How it can not only help you formulate and conceptualize what you really want, it can also enable you to begin to feel what it would be like to be in the energy of having what you desire in your lives. Then it’s only a matter of bringing the energy into physicality and, Bam! Manifestation! I offer ways to begin a practice of visualization, different types of visualizing, and how to work with the creation process.

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