Does anyone else remember the original days of Facebook? 20 years ago now (!!!) When they only had 3 relationship statuses and the good ‘ol “poke” button? The 3 statuses were single, in a relationship, & it’s complicated. Their list of option has expanded over the past 20 years yet have our stigmas and judgement towards various relationship statuses changed much, if at all? That’s the question I explore on today’s Identify & Heal Solo episode where I help you take an honest look and see if there are some strong held beliefs or feelings keeping you in or from a specific status or from allowing yourself freedom to enjoy whatever yours is.

On this episode I give a bit of background on the historical stigmas of being single, the fears that hold us back from leaving a partnership or marriage, and the liberation that comes from doing whatever we truly want and that feels best to ourselves regardless of what others think. Realizing that status is a concept we created and uphold in our society yet does not reflect our true worth and value, so do what you want and plant the seed of liberation for future generations!

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