You are never alone.

This statement is a sacred truth. One I was reminded of last week when the owner of an Air bnb where I was staying told me that a Spirit presence of mine was communicating with him. They were wanting him to tell me that they are always with me, love me, and believe in my abilities. The guides and angels that surround us through this lifetime want to help us. They want us to have the things we dream of, the peace we long for, and the happiness & fulfillment that we deserve. Yet they can offer all the inspiration and guidance possible and if we don’t open ourselves to listen and receive it, then it only falls away without our awareness. So how can we begin to ask for and receive this form of Divine Feminine communication?

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I share some more updates from the road (including the Spirit guide channeling experience at the Air bnb) and I offer steps and suggestions for connecting with your Angels & Spirit Guides, opening yourself to receive their messages, & to know how & where to find them.

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