A few weeks back I did a solo episode on how to identify when trauma is picking your partner in regards to dating. I’m back this week for my Identify and Heal Solo Episode with a follow up to Trauma Picking Your Partner. In this episode, I elaborate further on how to begin coming from your higher, loving, Divine Feminine self when you’re making choices in dating and relationships. I break down several steps on how to make this shift and how to identify what it feels like to come from a place of love, security, and knowing your worth versus a place of fear, lack, and unworthiness.

These steps will help you to finally end the cycle of unfulfilling & disappointing situationships to begin down the path towards your True Divine Partnership. Codependent and crying no more! It’s time to step into your Divine Feminine power and stop settling for anything less than being treated like the remarkable, gorgeous Goddess you are.

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