Hello Dear Listeners! I’ve now done 2 episodes on Trauma Vs Love picking your romantic partnerships while dating. I’m back at it with today’s Identify and Heal solo episode to add a few more steps to the process. Once we’ve identified what it means to have trauma running the show/picking our potential partners, we can now decide to choose differently. I’ve explained what it looks and feels like to shift from Fear/Trauma to Love/Security when pursing romance. On this episode, I offer the steps to take to identify your initial Gatekeeper when entertaining a potential mate, and then 4 additional gates to consider. I emphasis the importance of checking in with your self and NOT compromising or making excuses when you know darn well that something is off or your worth and value is being compromised. Establishing a main gatekeeper and sequential gates can help you to avoid getting sucked in to a toxic, codependent, and unhealthy relationship that does not serve your highest good and takes you out of your Divine Feminine nature.

** Link for Self Betrayal episode mentioned, helpful for those who feel they often abandon themselves when dating: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stop-abandoning-yourself-identify-and-break-the/id1580972247?i=1000593594992

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