Like Attracts like. We vibe with others whom we share similar frequencies with. So it makes sense that we would want to be actively raising our frequencies and emitting the energy that we would like to receive. The results can be remarkable when we come from a place of genuine love, peace, calm, & faith. These kind of quality emissions can bring in all of your highest dreams and desires. A true Soul partner, harmonious friendships, flourishing community, & great success in creative pursuits. Abundance is yours if you can master the art of being the energy you want to attract. It also helps to be the primary teacher to others on how to treat you. When we accept bad behavior we’re demonstrating to others that we will tolerate poor treatment because we do not value ourselves enough.

On this episode I offer some guidance on your path to begin valuing yourself as the Divine light that you are and being the energy you want to attract. I explain how teaching others how to treat you as a Divine Feminine being can change your life and bring true wish fulfillment.

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