We’ve made it to the 7th Sword of Self Entrapment and NO, it’s not a repeat. The 1st Sword was Self Doubt, the down trodden cousin of today’s Sword, the Sword of Self Criticism. While Self Doubt may feel like an eeyore, woe-is-me mentality, Self Criticism feels like a cruel & unkind commentator who’s only purposing is to scare you into believing you’re not enough. Where does this voice come from and why is it such a prominent affliction for Humanity?

On today’s Identify & Heal solo episode, I answer these questions and share my thoughts on the nature of self criticism. How at its source it can be trying to protect us yet it is up to us to stand up to that inner critic or negative commentary running through our head to say THANKS yet no thanks. Stating that we appreciate the input yet we’re good, that we know our worth & value is not determinant on external factors and choose peace & acceptance over fear. Realizing that the pain of staying hidden away because we may not be good enough or accepted far outweighs the risk of letting ourselves be seen.


https://edrcsv.org/, Eating Disorder Resource Center


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