Julie Ryan would be a blast as a party guest. She has some very impressive psychic abilities including communicating with spirits alive and dead, scanning animals, sensing medical conditions in the body, and removing ghosts from homes. She can also tell how close someone is to death and developed the 12 phases of transition in order to describe this process. Julie Ryan is an inventor, entrepreneur and author who learned how to be a psychic and medical intuitive more than 25 years ago. After inventing a number of globally used surgical devices and founding nine companies across the medical, long-term care, natural gas, advertising and data privacy industries, she settled into her talents as a psychic and medical intuitive, going on to write her books Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next, Angel Messages For Kids, Angel Messages For Dogs. Her podcast, Ask Julie Ryan, has listeners from all over the world, many of whom call in to partake in Julie’s “buffet of psychicness”. Julie graciously shares with us some incredible stories and insights into the realm of psychic intuitiveness, the spirit world, ghost encounters, and how we can all tap into our psychic gifts.

You can learn more about Julie Ryan and work with her here: askjulieryan.com
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