Most likely you have heard the term, “A Dark Night of the Soul” before. Referring to a time of being brought to your knees by challenges in life, grief, reliving past traumas and pain, and realizing a discrepancy between your current lifestyle and your Soul’s purpose. The actual experience of a Dark Night cannot be so easily wrapped up with a simple explanation. As with so many things, each individual’s journey through it is unique. Some can come in the form of hitting rock bottom with addiction. Others come out of the blue as an emotional purging and releasing of past memories and traumas they may have thought were long behind them. Whatever the form or means, A Dark Night can be extremely frightening, painful, intense, yet are always for our highest good and a part of our Soul’s evolutionary journey.

I offer this episode  for those who may find themselves in the midst of A Dark Night, feeling lost and confused. Or those who are curious and intrigued by it. Whatever brought you here, I hope it is helpful and informative.

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