If anyone has ever owned a Dog than you know how close to Soul Mates & Angels they can feel. Loving, loyal, sweet, playful, protective, cuddly, all the glorious things that we come to cherish about our pups. Yet what if there was actually more to it? What if dogs are actually providing us access to greater healing, worthiness, and discovery than we realized? Through fascinating channeled information my guest today author, Heather Leigh, wrote her book, K9 Spirit Guides, and is here to tell about it!

On this episode Heather shares the fascinating story behind how this book and the remarkable information within it came to be. Her book shares the story of how her canine companions — starting with her childhood pet, continuing through her trained competition dogs, and later house pets — each came to her with specific gifts at a specific time to move her toward releasing the grip of her trauma and anger.
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Heather Leigh, now a professional Galactic K9 Channel Energetic Healer, says, “The guides will appear in your life or call to you based on the level you are ready for…If you allow them, they will carry you through a wonderful process of healing and discovery. Working with the tools that these K9 guides have to offer is enlightening and exhilarating.” As her journey unfolds, you may see yourself in her experiences and how the gentle nudges, information and guidance that presented to her through her dogs, healed her most deep-seated trauma, rage and
worthiness issues, and her relationship to the father that caused her so much pain. Heather Leigh says, “Our dog’s spirit guides are not present to support the dog: rather, they are here for US. They are NOT your dog’s individual spirit, they are NOT what psychics tap into when they tell you what your dog is thinking. These stealth guardians have never spoken out until now. This book is their debut, to enlighten humanity about their presence, their purpose and their gifts. They have a divine message for you!” Heather Leigh does individual & group sessions and events channeling healing and guidance on your behalf from the K9 Spirit Guides. 

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or www.K9SpiritGuides.com

K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend is available from Amazon.com in hardback
($39.95), paperback ($22.99), and audiobook ($14.00) and Kindle ($10.99)