Are you familiar with Shamanism? Have you heard the term yet are unsure what it actually entails? Well this spiritual duo, Eric and Loava, are here to enlighten you as to all things Shamanism including how to explore our Spiritual ecosystem and embark on a Shamanic trance journey! All of this and more is explored in this episode including this spiritual duo’s encounters with the paranormal, their experiences as spirit advocates to help people clear ghosts from their home, soul and energy loss and how to reclaim it, our relationship with coffee and other plant spirits, and the spiritual nature of food and everything around us!

Eric & Laova are the founders of the Spirit World Center. The center is a refuge for spiritual seekers who wish to create a positive relationship with the Spirit World. Eric & Laova teach their students how to connect with the spirits through shamanism, intuition, and other modalities. The two have been blessed with many astonishing and mysterious paranormal experiences as a result of walking the shamanic path. They love helping their students create lifelong relationships with the spiritual realms.

You can check out more about Eric, Loava, and the Spirit World Center here!