It’s always fun to get a little “out there” while talking with a fellow cosmic Star Seed. On this episode I sit down with another fabulous friend in-person, Mia Yakel, in her living room in Atlanta where we dive into some intricate topics including our soul’s origin, purpose, and why the heck where here on this planet at this time! We also discuss past lives and reincarnation, soul mates and twin flames, ayahuasca journeys, and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. Mia is a healer and a spiritual life coach who uses shamanic practices, tarot, astrology, guided mediation, and yoga to help people reconnect to their own inner power. All of her sessions and classes have a trauma informed approach. Her specialty, along with working with empaths, is helping people transmute these experiences and using that to fuel their spiritual practice and enrich their life. Mia is also a fabulous photographer! She is relocating to Costa Rica this year so be sure to check out some of the amazing pictures on her sites.

Check out more about Mia here!, Instagram @mia.modern.mystic