Evolution is a complicated process. It’s not always easy, in fact, it’s inherently tumultuous to shift from one state of being to another. On this episode I welcome teacher, guide, and mindfulness based psychotherapist, Romona Mukherjee. Her private practice is called Therapy to Evolve, Illustrating her focus on personal growth. Romona’s artful weaving of eastern wisdom practices with western theoretical foundations to create a space in which insight and healing emerge organically and spontaneously has proven highly compelling and effective for those who are yearning to evolve into their Truest Self.  She currently works in both NYC and the SF/Bay Area. She has certifications in yoga and hypnosis and training in mindfulness, EFT for couples, and Hakomi. She is also a reiki and energy worker. Romona and I share a passion for human growth potential in our work and we discuss many facets of development including the importance of healthy and therapeutic expression of anger, the need for destruction, dismantling, unraveling, and shedding of the old and growing into the new in order to evolve. In addition we discuss what is rage, Rage Rooms, the wounded masculine and feminine and how the collective as a whole is evolving. Check out our evolutionary conversation!
For more information on Romona you can check her out here! www.therapytoevolve.com, http://www.linkedin.com/in/romonam