We often ask throughout our lives, what is my Destiny? Is there even such a thing as Destiny? Is there something I’m truly meant for or is it up to me to decide? Guest Carrie Hart firmly believes that we each have a personal Destiny that we can follow to achieve the greatest state of happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Carrie is an Author and Spiritual Explorer who has experienced a very powerful connection with what she calls Ataquay; the energetic field beyond ordinary time and space, where everything that is, was and will be exists in a state of pregnant possibility, the place of shared expanded consciousness—the place where everything is connected and seeming “coincidences” are more than just happenstance. She believes that we can all tap into this expanded consciousness and walk the path of our Destiny if we follow our intuition and in turn be guided toward our truth. 

On this episode, Carrie offers some fantastic insights on how to activate your divine Feminine energy to heighten intuition and receive guidance toward your greatest gifts, Soul’s purpose, and align with your Destiny. Carrie then shares the importance and benefits of being in our own Sovereign truth, enhancing our intuition, connecting with higher wisdom, and honoring the light within us. Remembering that as Women, we have access to that power, it is our Destiny. 

Carrie also shares 7 Ways to Activate your Divine Feminine Energy and the Light of Self Love:

  1. Quiet your mind through Meditation
  2. Tune into intuition
  3. Ask for word of the day
  4. Each have a golden chord attached to Source/ soul
  5. Discover your Life’s purpose
  6. Develop a Spiritual Morning Routine 
  7. Choose to let go of your Voice of Fear & Speak up through courage

Carrie Hart wants to offer others a simple gateway to Ataquay and share the best of the tools that helped her deepen her understanding of how we walk a path of destiny through a universe that is actively weaving a web of connections, and how that can greatly enhance the journey. Accessing Ataquay is something anyone can do, but it’s like following a well-worn path—the more you do it, the easier it is—and the more expansive the experience. And Carrie Hart’s tools lay down the stepping stones. Over the past 25 years, Carrie has explored Ataquay to bring creative, healing wisdom to those seekers looking for answers and guidance. She calls it “the place I love most in the world.”

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