As a therapist specializing in addiction and substance abuse, I’m often asked to provide referrals for treatment centers. Although I’ve worked in a few and am familiar with many in the Bay Area and beyond, it’s hard to actually know the inner workings and experience that someone might have there. This is where the guys behind Rehab Road Trips come in. Jeremy and Dallas began their video production company to offer authentic and accurate information to the public by helping rehab and other mental health facilities create a marketing video that allows people to know what they’re all about. 

On this episode, Jeremy and Dallas share about what brought them to creating their company as well as their personal stories of addiction and recovery. As three people in recovery, we each share about some of the myths around sobriety, the great joy that can come from a life free of substance use even if it seems like it would be dull and boring, and the ways we have changed as people by taking that long walk back to ourselves after getting lost in addiction. 

Jeremy Miller, Co-Founder & CEO
Having worked in residential treatment for a decade, Jeremy is familiar with both the clinical and operational sides of treatment, and uses this experience in supporting programs with their media & marketing. Since childhood filmmaking was the vision, the dream, and the goal. After choosing recovery and finding the life he’d always wanted, filmmaking took the backseat for a few years while he solidified his life as a sober person. With 14 years of recovery under his belt, he has excitedly jumped back into filmmaking focusing on creating videos that help people find the same success he did in recovery.Jeremy feels a deep calling to leverage his unique skills and talents to support people in their healing.

Dallas Terrell, Co-Founder & COO
Dallas deeply loves the work that he does and the field he is in. Often times he has felt called to do this work and recognizes that it is not for everyone. His goal is to highlight effective treatment on a broader and wider scale for the world. He believes that the solutions to conquer addiction should not be muddied or hidden to those that need them. Dallas has been sober for close to 8 years and continues to work a program of recovery in his daily life. He is also a Crossfit Level-One Trainer and has facilitated fitness and health groups for the substance abuse population.

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