It’s always exciting to explore mysterious worlds. On this episode, Padma Menon, a very talented philosopher and dancer, takes us into the mystical world of Ancient Indian Goddess traditions and the power of dance to reconnect with the sacredness of our bodies. Padma enlightens us as to what is the Goddess tradition, examples of Goddesses and their specific practices, and how knowledge of all these ancient traditions help women in their daily lives. Padma’s work is based in Indian philosophy and reviving ancient practices of dance contemplation. On this episode, Padma and I discuss what it means to find our own inner source of truth and light to bring it forth, non-duality, and truly connecting with our bodies and finding ourselves in movement. Padma Menon is a dancer and philosopher who is a pioneer in reviving the ancient practice of dance contemplation. She helps those seeking to reclaim their sacred selves by generously sharing her lifetime’s knowledge in sacred Indian dance, philosophy and ritual—so that they can experience unconditional freedom, taste their true essence and move in this world in a sacred way.

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