The Animal Kingdom is a glorious gift to humanity. Animals seem to serve as beautiful messengers to humans of unconditional love, kindness, & companionship. Of course this may not seem to be the case with all animals considering so many are wild and known to be dangerous. Yet if you watch any nature documentary you’ll see the beautiful and actually very Divine Feminine qualities that animals exhibit. Yes they can be violent yet they honor balance and coexist respectfully with the lands they live on. Animals can be so admirable in fact that Native Americans long ago created the concept of having a Spirit Animal. Noting the noble, wise, and Divine qualities animal possess they would claim a Spirit Animal when a human embodies these traits.
On this Divine Feminine solo episode I soar into the concept of Animal Spirit Guides. Distinguishing between Animal Spirits, Guides, & Companions I break down how we can connect with the essence of animals in an empowering & meaningful way as well as honor the animals in our lives as a sacred, soulful connection. I also point out how animals can be messangers from the Spiritual realm, often showing up in our lives as symbols and signs from passed over loves ones. 

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