We often don’t trust our own guidance or inspiration. Yet this is what is imperative as we continue the process of change, growth, and ascension into higher beings. The shift can be be bit scary and with unexpected twists and turns in our lives. Virpal Kuar is a dear friend and remarkable healer and keeper of wisdom. As a traditional Reiki Master from the Usui lineage, with an ancestral background of being a life-long seeker of truth (Sikh), Virpal Kaur is a guide and facilitator for those on their healing journey back home to themselves. Her passion is to uplift members of her human family to live authentically, in personal sovereignty and in alignment with their highest truth. She is particularly devoted to supporting women in connecting with their Divine Feminine, supporting other healers on the front lines aiding the collective, as well as raising the voices of people of color and indigenous communities.

On this episode, Virpal and I have a very esoteric and extraordinary conversation where Virpal offers deep insight and wisdom into what it means to be ascending to the 5d, unity consciousness, what light language and codes are, and how to look to your body and psychic senses to guide you toward healing and your highest path.

Virpal supports her community through 1:1 Reiki sessions, Wild Wombyn Circles, Reiki Circles and Reiki Gong Bath Activations. She is currently reconnecting with her harmonium and ancestral roots of Kirtan, volunteering in plant medicine ceremonies and in building community.

Virpal’s mission is to remind all of her relations of our connection to each other, to our beloved Mother Earth and all of her beings, and to never forget this.

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IG: @Rising.Rotus.Reiki

FB: @RisingLotusReikiSF