A few weekends ago I traveled to the Oregon coast and received a wave of a message from the remarkable Pacific Ocean. The ocean roared in all of its glory as I sat on a rock at the shore. I felt its power and could hear it urging me, “don’t hold back!” It yelled, “Give all of yourself to this life, give it everything you’ve got!” These messages continued and flowed through me, the emphasis to allow yourself to come through as your full, authentic, Divine Feminine self and let your creative abilities come forth into the World with all your might. To not restrain your true self or unique gifts. Whew! It was powerful and inspiring.

In this episode I talk more about this experience and how it can lead to releasing codependent attachments to what other people think or do and following your own brilliance. I also share about heeding the call. Keeping yourself open to the call of the Universe and your Soul to travel somewhere, call someone, attend an event, do something spontaneous, head to the coast or the woods. Whatever it might be, the World around us is always speaking to us and offering guidance and wisdom, are you listening? 

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