It’s hard to imagine a World that didn’t feel like it was ruled and dominated by Men. A World where War didn’t exist and societies were ruled and governed very differently. Yet the truth of our Human history is very different than we may have been led to believe. So what is the truth of Women’s role in ancient civilizations and her potential to save the world, help us heal from harmful belief systems, and create a paradigm shift? Thankfully my incredible guest on the show this week, Elisha Deva, did an extraordinary amount of work and research to provide us answers to these exact questions and beyond.

Elisha is the author of Before War, a remarkable book that will changes how its readers look at the world — by exposing the female roots of Western civilization. It draws on the evidence from anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, primatology, and the shocking new genetics data, to tell the story of Western civilization. On this episode, Elisha tells us all about her book, history, and the way forward that works for all. Elisha clarifies that It’s not about blaming men. It’s about standing together against an institution that harms us all.

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Elisha is an interdisciplinary thinker who has been researching social inequality for almost thirty years. Her degree is in Human Biology from Stanford, a multidisciplinary combination of anthropology, psychology and biology. After working for four years in neuroscience at UCLA, the politics and sexism drove her out of academia. Since then she’s collected data across disciplines to interpret it for the public, reading every book, article, and paper she could find on the rise of dominance in the Bronze Age. She’s travelled the world, visiting matrilineal cultures and searching museums for clues to our ancient past. Meanwhile, she worked as a computer engineer on the forefront of creating the Internet in the 90s, built a wilderness retreat, and developed a trauma-informed healing practice.

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