As many of you lovely listeners probably already know, I’m a big fan of travel. As a self proclaimed nomad I decided to take my life on the road years ago and have been so grateful for the rich experiences this lifestyle has provided. Yet when it comes to having a traveling lifesyle, the spectrum runs wide as to what it can look like. My guest this week, Kim Anderson, is the host of the Design Her Travel podcast, a very fun show that highlights how a life of travel can look for different people from various walks of life and how it can be a reality for more people than you might think.

On this episode Kim shares about her personal experience of World traveling, the unique time she spent working on the yachts of the rich & famous, and the insight and awareness this brought her. Together we recount some of our favorite adventures & the gratitude we have for the ability to travel, the experiences travel has brought us, and how we hope to inspire others to explore their personal travel path.
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Kim is a global citizen who has lived, worked, and traveled to almost 40 countries. Many of her years were spent traveling the world by sea or exploring the world through solo adventures. Her purpose in life is to show people the world and be a living inspiration for their dreams. As creator and host of the Design Her Travel podcast, Kim currently showcases stories of people living extraordinary lives with travel as the centerpiece.

Website: Design Her Travel Website

Podcast: Design Her Travel Podcast

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Instagram: @seafaringwanderer