The old adage is true; breaking up is hard to do. There is nothing quite like the ending of a romantic relationship to truly feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach, had your heart stepped on, and like an angry swarm of bees have been placed in your head with swirling thoughts of what went wrong. Of course all endings are different yet, a lot of the time, break-ups result in a fairly strong emotional upheaval. ESPECIALLY if a sense of rejection was involved. However, there is good news. These treacherous experiences that leave you unable to eat, sleep, or think about anything else can act as a major catalyst for you personal and spiritual growth. Don’t believe me? Check out this episode.

On this solo Identify and Heal episode I share my professional and personal views on rejection & break ups; why they affect us so strongly, how they can benefit us and enable powerful transformation, and of course I throw in some tips on how to actually get through them because, it can be brutal. So be ready to take notes and get some tissue if you’re going through one right now, tears are cathartic and fantastic for you!

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