I’m making a series of it! A few weeks ago I did an episode on ditching your self doubt and more recently one on shedding old concepts that hold us back. It brought to mind the image of the 8 of swords in tarot. A woman bound by cloth and blindfolded with 8 swords in a circle around her. A self imposed prison. Self entrapment. When I decided I wanted to do this week’s episode on the fear of judgement I realized that fear is just another one of those swords that we keep ourself imprisoned by. I figured I could do an episode for each of those 8 swords based on what keeps us trapped. So here it is, sword 2, the fear of judgement.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode I focus on the sword which represents our Fear of Judgement. So many of us hold back out true selves; gifts, ideas, passions, love, desires, preferences, & beliefs…a whole myriad of things due to our fear of what others will think and say. We lock these things away in our heart and do our best to fit in and hold back who we really our. I offer some insight into why we judge one another & are so afraid of being judged as well as some inspiration to forget what everyone else thinks and allow your true Divine Feminine self to be set free.

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