Crystal Brown, performing artist, director, and theater educator, will tell you that all actors are weird. You have to be to act out as a character and pretend to be somebody you’re not. Yet weird can be wonderful in so many ways. On this episode Crytal shares with us about her own experience of being a singer, actress, and educator of the arts and how she has seen it change the lives of many people, including her own.  Crystal has valuable insight into how digging deep into our inner expressive and creative energies boosts our self confidence and belief in our own gifts and abilities. Together we have a beautiful talk about the consequences of scarcity mindset and fear of failure which can sniffle our natural talent. And how we are the only ones who can decide that our blocks aren’t real and can actually be blessings which we can feel gratitude towards. 

Crystal Brown is a performing artist, director, and theater educator based in San Francisco, CA.

She currently teaches theater at The Brandeis School of San Francisco, where she established a middle school theater department and introduced a lower school theater curriculum. She has recently launched Theater4Life, an arts organization which offers performance coaching as well as creative and collaborative classes & workshops for children and adults.

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