Our lives run smoothest when all the pillars of our lives are standing tall and strong. Isabele Giroux’s work helps women to optimize their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing while also accessing the esoteric realms to gain greater understanding and guidance in their lives. On this episode, Isabele and I have a cosmic conversation around the nature of wellbeing, a thorough rundown on the akashic records, and what it means to utilize the non-physical realms. Isabele has been working with heart-centered women for the past 30 years. She prioritizes natural & holistic strategies that have kept women healthy & strong, aligned to their mission and vision, and open to new ways of reaching goals. She is deeply passionate about life, nature, and everything wholesome. And as a licensed naturopath, holistic life coach, and Spiritual guide, the foundation of my practice is to support midlife women leaders to get healthy & rise up to claim their sovereignty, to step into wealth, service, impact, and deep joy! She leads women into personal evolution by bringing their vision to life. Prioritizing health & energy, a positive mindset, emotional resilience, and of course a Spiritual connection are the pillars to success, freedom and well-being!

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“15 Holistic Power Practices for Women to Rock Midlife Naturally” 

Free gift: “15 Holistic Power Practices for Women to Rock Midlife Naturally”