There are a million ways to meditate, yet we often think it needs to be perfected in a specific way. What is the truth about meditation and is it only effective if we go about it in one particular way? In this episode I chat with my friend Mahesh to investigate these questions. As the founder and CEO of Heal, a personal, immersive, sacred sound meditation space, and a yoga and meditation teacher, Mahesh knows a few things about building a meditation practice. It is his ability to enable self-introspection and weave the teachings of Non-duality and Vedanta that enables him to teach others how to build an inner awareness and understand and honor the true nature of your consciousness and divinity. Mahesh shares tips and insights with us around meditation, understanding the chakra system, non-duality, and the benefits of sound healing.

Mahesh had his first major introspective breakthrough meditating on the Vivekananda rock in the southern tip of India while on a pilgrimage to India back in 2004. Since then he has served at the Sivananda Ashram in Grass Valley, CA and deepened his yoga and Advaita Vedanta meditation practice at various ashrams in India and the US. He teaches the integration of bhakti yoga, karma yoga, and raja yoga as it is intended to be taught in the ancient teachings of the Patanjali yoga sutras and inthe ancient scriptures of the Upanishads.He currently teaches Vedantic, mindful, and visualization meditation at the Samadhi Yoga Gruha in San Jose, CA. You can check out Heal and connect with Mahesh here!,