There are changes happening on our planet right now which many of us are experiencing. Part of those changes are the reintroduction of ancient knowledge and wisdom that can guide us towards greater peace and freedom in the human experience. Many brave souls are receiving this information and stepping out to share it with the world. Kate Alexander, Self Development Mentor and Regression Practitioner, is one of those souls and she joins us on the show this week to share about her downloads of the Diamond Heart Teachers and Multidimensional Feminine Embodiment. Kate’s ‘old life’ story was one of chronic crippling anxiety, polycystic ovaries & ongoing chronic bladder infections for over 10 years (to the point the doctor thought she had bladder cancer), adrenal fatigue, chronic back pain and generally low self-confidence. And of course the root cause of all this was unresolved trauma stored in the body, and a total disconnect from the Soul’s True Calling. Having encountered premonitions, out-of-body experience & communion with many beautiful expressions of Multidimensional Light Consciousness most of her life, Kate’s journey was quite dualistic in a sense. Kate was hereby guided through her own personal healing journey and embodiment process, Kate was prepped to both hold and share the Diamond Heart Teachings. Consciously guided for the past 5 years by the Higher Soul consciousness she knows as the Lyran Grandmother, Kate viewed herself and her life through an expanded lens, that she is here to share with others. It was this Higher Soul Aspect who came to Kate on the day of Lionsgate Portal, sharing that she has the Diamond Heart Teachings and is now ready to share them with humanity.

On this episode, Kate shares her story of awakening, integration trauma healing, and meeting her divine counterpart. She walks us through the 8 pillars of Venus, her empowered shadow work, and out-of-body cosmo journeys. Together Kate and I explore how activating higher feminine wisdom can create greater harmony, balance, and enjoyment of life for all humans alike. 

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