Truth is a very vast concept. Yet, what is truth exactly? It could be described as that which is fully and accurately expressed, unaltered or obstructed. That being the case, do you know the truth of You? Many people spend their lives running from or avoiding their truth. Either it’s too brutal to face or too hard to figure out for ourselves. So instead we latch onto other’s established truths,  ideas, beliefs, and paths and keep our personal truth hidden. Yet is it possible to be our fully actualized & expressed self if we don’t own our truth? Check in with what feels true for you to find the answer to that.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode, I offer some ideas about why finding, owning, & honoring our truth is so important & holds the key to the transformation of ourselves & Humanity as a whole. How discovering truth can help us in healing trauma, feeling a great sense of freedom, releasing the need to fall in line with what everyone else might say or think, and bringing forth your own amazing light.

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