It is such a delightful surprise when a synchronistic event seems to pop up out of no where. Something as simple as seeing the same recurring numbers over and over again everywhere (we call them Angel numbers, always good to look up the meaning of the specific numbers you’re seeing) or seeing a message on a billboard that seems to answer the exact question you were contemplating in your mind. Or it could be something that really stuns you. Something that feels like it is almost completely impossible and unexplainable. So great of a coincidence that it stops you in your tracks. Yet this is the Universe and guides from the Spirit realm’s way of telling you, pay attention! Signs are everywhere and we are guiding you and supporting you all the time. And that you’re heading in the right direction.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I delve into the sweet waters of synchronicity. Sharing some of my favorite experiences of it and my understanding of why it occurs, what it means, and how you can begin to open yourself to synchronicities in your life.

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