It’s always wonderful to reconnect and collaborate with treasured friends from our past. Holly Osment, a fellow LMFT as well as a Certified Sex Therapist and Educator, and I used to work together on a beautiful publication called Reality Check. Which, just as it sounds, provided an outlet for people to share their truth as a means to enlighten, inspire, and comfort others. Since then I became a licensed therapist and Holly became a Certified Sex Therapist. We’re teaming up again so Holly can impart some knowledge into the real deal about Women’s sexuality and clarify some common misconceptions about Women’s bodies, sexual desire, and anatomy.

On this episode, Holly and I have an educational yet saucy conversation about all things Women’s sexuality; our bodies, pleasure, hormonal cycles, anatomy, and how we do our best to navigate some very mixed messaging around how we’re supposed to be and look and get connected with who we really are and what we really want.

Holly Osment is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Clinical
Counselor, and a Certified Sex Therapist. She has been working in the field for 20 years. She
received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and graduate degree from Santa Clara
University. She has a private practice in Los Gatos, where she has worked since 2006. She has
been an adjunct lecturer at Santa Clara University in the Counseling Psychology graduate
department for the past eight years, where she teaches classes on Sexuality and Sex Therapy.

You can learn more about Holly and contact her here: