Ama Ravensong has a vision of lighting up Women leaders all around the world and connecting them with the Divine will for their lives. In our conversation you find out how she is well on her way to fulfilling her vision. Ama is an advanced Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine practitioner, psychotherapist, Reiki Master and Teacher, Hakomi practitioner, singer, composer and mother.  Her focus is on teaching people about their energetic anatomy, how to clear personal karmic conditioning trauma, and liberate ourselves to live inspired lives of authentic self expression. Ama specializes in helping people to become free of personal, relational, intergenerational and karmic trauma, conditioning and debris.  In this episode, Ama shares about all of this as well as the importance of energetic literacy and gaining a complete knowing of who we are as energetic beings. In her work, Ama also offers energy medicine support for surgeries, medical procedures for humans, and even their companion animals. Ama has been doing long-distance energy medicine worldwide since 2014. She is particularly passionate about helping expecting parents prepare for conscious, empowered pregnancy, birth and parenting: so they can raise awakened and empowered children who will the become leaders of tomorrow. Ama runs the Chalice of Light program to empower and bring together strong female leaders. A powerfully gifted woman sharing her gifts for greater healing!

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