When you feel that you’ve lost the ability to have a positive relationship with yourself and to be aligned with your values and actions, struggle can ensue. My guest this week Intuitive Business Mentor & Rapid Resolution Hypnotherapist, Megan Weir, and I have this experience in common. Having both struggled with eating disorders & addiction throughout our lives, we have both felt lost, alone, & hopeless. Believing we might never find peace. Until we did.

On this episode, Meghan and I explore her work with energetic mastery, embodiment, and subconscious reprogramming. Along with sharing our personal stories of perceived defeat and abounding triumph into a place of balance, health, and appreciation for ourselves and life just as it is. Intrigued by the magic and wonder that happens when you find that beautiful alignment.

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Meghan Weir is your Spiritual Life and Business Mentor who guides you to drop into your self-sourced power and share your magic & medicine with the world. Meghan is known for guiding her clients through deep, transformational work that elicits remembrance of who they are, why they are here, what their magic and medicine are and how to share their message with the world. Through her work, clients drop into their self-sourced power, get out of their way, shed old layers, transmute old programming, and come to a space of deep trust within where their soul leads, body calibrates, and the mind follows.

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Dropped In with Meghan Weir Podcast