Welcome to the time of Beltane! Beltane is a Gaelic May Day festival recognizing the midway point between Spring and Summer. This is a time when we can feel the return of longer days, more sunshine, & life blooming from the ground and all around us. It’s a wonderful time to notice the little energies that are coming to life within us, the sparks of excitement around new love, adventures, pursuits, creative, or business ideas. 

On this episode, I focus on the Divine Feminine practices and rituals we can use to tap into and work with the energies of this time of emerging light and life. I elaborate on the importance of time in Nature (a major staple of Beltane) and the many different forms of meditation and grounding you can use to achieve a greater connection with your higher self and deepest desires. I also pull an Oracle card from the beautiful deck, Nature Whispers. You can find it here:

Nature Whispers Oracle Deck: https://www.isisbooks.com/NATURES-WHISPERS-ORACLE-CARDS-p/1572818069.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwu-KiBhCsARIsAPztUF1a76WA19algoyaY87iC6WPezHQ08eUJNp4fnr9RiwXtMk4Kgc9H3saAhSmEALw_wcB 


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