It can be very fun to work with our gifts. To explore how we can recognize our ability to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell things that bring information that should be unexplainable. Yet it distinctly tells us a story. My guest this week, Eboni Banks,  discovered a very rare psychic ability when she found that when she laid hands on people in her work as a healer, she could pick up on various experiences, information, & impressions. Eboni’s main spiritual gift is called Clairtangency, which means clear touch. As a trauma survivor, Eboni has learned to use her wealth of inner spiritual resources to thrive on her own healing journey and is now inspired to teach people how to do the same. To access their intuition to heal the stuck parts of their lives that prevent them from living their desired life.

On this guest episode, Eboni shares with us about how she came into realizing she had the unique gift of clairtangency and offers an overall review of the Clair senses. She also talks about how they relate to the multiple levels of intuition and the benefits of using intuition overall as well as her family history of healers & how she carried on the ancestral abilities.

Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Eboni Banks is an Intuitive Healer and Author who has been aware of her intuition since childhood. She is from a lineage of healers and wellness practitioners on both sides of her family. Eboni’s maternal great-grandmother read palms for a living in the 1940s. Her late father was a social worker and hypnotherapist who owned and operated a private practice mental health clinic. Eboni’s inspiration to serve others began as a child while spending time in
her dad’s office and observing his healing work.

She is passionate about charitable work and has worked with nonprofit charities for the past 13 years as a development consultant, targeting social justice, pediatric healthcare, and equitable education. In 2016 Eboni received the Osborn Elliott Award for Outstanding Community Service for a volunteer-led organization she founded, which taught people living in Brownsville, Brooklyn, about the importance of
incorporating plant-based eating into their diet. Eboni considers herself a mystic and enjoys exploring the balance of physical and non-physical life. She practices yoga, meditates, and listens to mantras in her spare time. Eboni currently lives in New York City, where she shares her thriving spiritual practices with clients.

You can learn more about Eboni & her work here:

IG: @intuitiveeboniwrites

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