The greater understanding we have of why something is happening the better our chances of resolving it. This is why a holistic, whole person approach can be incredibly beneficial in healing ourselves and advancing our spiritual growth. Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, LAc is a practicing Acupuncturist and Transformational Coach. Dr. Kim’s treatments and offerings aim to access the deep inner workings of the mind-body-spirit connection to help her patients unlock the root cause of disharmony. As a transformational coach her work centers around helping her clients develop self awareness, confidence and the ability to transform their problems into opportunities. Dr. Kim practices Esoteric acupuncture, which is a system of acupuncture designed to help with our spiritual growth and ascension process. The treatment is focused on balancing energy in the body, balancing chakras and helping us to build our connection to our higher divine self.

Dr Kim and I have a fun and laughter filled conversation that provides interesting concepts behind Chinese Medicine and how events and experiences in our life impact us and result in disharmony. We talk about everything from relationships and break ups to trauma and other emotions stored in the body which affect the various levels of our energetic body. Dr. Kim goes into depth about ancient Chinese medicine practices and origins as well as what Esoteric acupuncture involves. Which includes working with the physical, causal, emotional, and subtle bodies which are layers of us that exist outside of the physical body. And the acupunture meridians which are found on the ethereal body. It’s a very informative and fun conversation providing great knowledge and tips for body and energy awareness and healing.

Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM), LAc, CNC has been a licensed, practicing Acupuncturist since 2010, a published author, speaker and intuitive healer; her treatments aim to access the deep inner workings of the mind-body-spirit connection to help her patients unlock the root cause of disharmony.  Dr. Kim is a pioneer and teacher of Integrative Cosmetic Acupuncture, with over a decade of experience with Facial Acupuncture, her unique and innovative style aims to demystify the science behind why this treatment is effective, teach students an effective protocol and open the doorway to the greater healing potential of the treatment by addressing the Shen and Spirit of the patient. . She also treats patients for pain management and sports medicine, trauma, paralysis, pediatric and teenagers, major life changes, spiritual growth and more.  Her healing approach is to unblock misalignment in the body-mind-spirit through accessing the highest level of truth for the patient so that they can experience a deeper layer of their most authentic self – free of pain, stress, tension and full of confidence and vitality. 

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