I always enjoy bringing some of that Masculine energy onto Women Waken. It’s a beautiful thing when the Masculine and Feminine energies can combine to celebrate their differences and realize their similarities. And it’s a great opportunity to get new perspectives on how the experiences of Men and Women differ in shared realms such as relationships, dating, and sexuality. This week I got the opportunity to do exactly that with the Divinely hilarious, Brendan Fitzgibbons. Brendan has been hosting his podcast, The Spiritual Asshole, for 3 years and combines his work as a writer, comedian, and Seeker of Truth to create a wonderfully funny show that dives into the esoteric world with levity. 

On this episode, there’s a lot of laughing, and we had a blast comparing views on what it’s like to brave the dating apps and learning about a Male’s view of the Divine Feminine, why Comedy is a dark art, the detriment of comparison, and why Brendan is totally open to having Goblin sex.
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Brendan Fitzgibbons is a Los Angeles writer, actor and podcast host. He’s written for Comedy Central, ComedyCentral.com, and the Onion. He’s been on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, MTV, and Comedy Central. Hes been in several commercials and In 2021, he was the voice of the Samsung Galaxy phone and his podcast, “Spiritual Asshole” was named “Top Indie Podcast” by Stitcher in 2020 and 2021. 

Check out the Spiritual Asshole here: