Hello Beautiful Audience!

In my first collaboration series on the show I join with my dear friend, Kayla Van Egdom, health coach and energy healer, to explore Feminine Sexuality; its complicated nature and immense power. In this, the final episode of the series with Kayla, we get into what it means for Women to experience the highest levels of sexual pleasure. The process involved for a Women to have pleasure is more complex than men. Period. Because for Women it’s internal and with great depth. Which means intense levels of pleasure is possible! Yet takes a bit more effort. So how can we make this heightened pleasure a reality? Kayla and I share what allowed us to have optimal pleasure in the past and what the key factors are to doing so. The most important of which are feeling safe and in your power. Kayla also shares about Orgasmic Manifesting and how masterbation creates the ultimate ingredients¬† for creation

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