There is a great story within each of us just waiting to be told. However, articulating ourselves and getting it onto paper can feel like a herculean task. The problem is that if we want to share our story, we’ll need to learn how to express ourselves and let go of perfectionism and doubt. In this energizing and exciting conversation, Life and Publishing Coach, Cynthia Gregory, explains how we can do just that. Cynthia is a wealth of wisdom about owning our stories, getting them down on paper, and out into the world. She’s done it herself a few times! As a writer and published author, Cynthia has figured out the formula for bringing forth a personal story. Her new book, What Is Possible From Here, is a beautiful collection of stories about how our lives affect one another. In this episode, Cynthia shares some very helpful tips on how to get started with your writing, developing a writing practice, the benefits of expressing yourself through your words, how to make dreams of writing a book a reality and, possibly most importantly, the power of journaling as a conversation with your soul.
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