Is it possible that there is deeper reason why depression, anxiety, suicide, and addiction rates are so high in our World? Could it be because we are not actually living the way we were meant to, aligned with our Souls? My guest this week, Harriet Tubman Wright, Spiritual guide for Change Makers, would say that is exactly the case. In order to live our highest purpose, find our true soul relationships, and experience total inner peace we must first get off our Ego’s path and fulfill our Soul’s calling. Harriet’s work is to take individuals on a Soul safari to success and thereby help heal Humanity. 

On this episode, Harriet shares what it means to embrace the new paradigm of Feminine presence, become the Matriarch, and Transform from Limitation to Liberation (which is also the title of her book!). Harriet explains 3 ways Women can break free from self imposed boundaries and barriers to enjoy life on purpose. She also offers 4 keys to experience the rewards and responsibilities of Elderhood, step into Power as an Elder, and beginning to revere our Elders.

Harriet Tubman Wright, MS, MA inspires mature spiritual women to transform from Limitation to Liberation. She has empowered thousands of
women to express their creative essence and leadership since 1971. With her trademark acumen, artistry, professionalism and spirituality, Harriet continues to liberate individuals in businesses, organizations, and communities to navigate these challenging times with a holistic systems approach. As a result, they experience more joy, balance and success as entrepreneurs, executives and changemakers guided to transform their businesses, organizations and communities and help heal the world. She connects with business, professional and cultural groups through her Transformational Talks on Feminine Leadership, Soul Power and Holistic Health, captivating audiences with her humor and
wisdom. Harriet is a natural leader, seasoned professional, Director of The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success, and Your Guide to Be Fulfilled and Free.

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