The devastating, hurtful, and heartbreaking things that happen to us need to be seen, acknowledged, grieved, and heard. This is critical for us to begin to heal and learn to feel safe and secure despite what has happened to us or how our lives may have been forever changed. Yet, when we get stuck in the shock stage, unable to believe or comprehend what has occurred, we develop the mind set of being a victim of these circumstances. Incapable of seeing outside of the perspective of being someone who was unjustly wronged, we cling to the idea that we can never let it go or have peace because of what happened. This is how victim mentality begins and the longer we stay within it, the more rooted it becomes in our minds and emotional bodies as we begin to identify with it more strongly.

On this Identify & Heal Solo episode I offer my take on victim mentality, what it is and why it can be so hard to let go of. I share a bit of my personal experience of holding onto the idea of myself as a victim who could never truly be happy or love myself. Then I get into how we CAN make the choice and changes needed in order to truly release victim mentality for good and open ourselves to our Divine Feminine unlimited potential once we know who we really are.

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