Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra! It is officially Eclipse season and it is bound to pack a punch for many of us. This Lunar Eclipse today (if you’re watching on this episode’s release date, Monday March 25th) is trined by Pluto at 1 degree. I’m no astrologer yet I understand it means that this Moon is asking us to look at the things we don’t want to see in regards to our relationships and desires. Often what we want the most is what we have the deepest fears around. Sometimes unbeknownst to us. We can keep our fears hidden in the shadows of our subconscious, and Pluto is known to bring us face to face with our fears and shadow side. If we can understand how these fears are our blocks, we can finally make break throughs to our greatest dreams.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I share insights about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, gathered from some of my favorite astrologers (links below) and delve in to ways to embrace these energies and opportunities for major breakthroughs and expansion of conscious & Universal wisdom.

Molly McCord, https://www.youtube.com/@MollyMcCordAstrology
Stacie Dread, https://www.youtube.com/@galacticambassadorastrology

Moonology Oracle Cards: https://www.yasminboland.com/books/moonology-cards/

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