Love & dating doesn’t have to suck. It can, in fact, be fun, exciting, and enjoyable and lead us to a beautiful, fulfilling relationship. So how do we get to THAT point if we’ve been trudging through the dating mud for years? My guests today, Carla Romo & Sherry Gaba, are the fabulous hosts of the Love Fix Podcast. They combined forces to hare their unique & thoughtful perspectives & stories of dating and relationships to offer some guiding light to those of us feeling stuck, frustrated, and about ready to give up.

Carla Romo certified Dating & Relationship Coach and Sherry Gaba, LCSW have overcome their own dating and relationship horror stories, which led them to being experts in healing from codependency, dating and toxic relationships. Their 30 year age difference brings you an array of perspectives at any stage in life. If you’re dating, in a relationship or divorced, they’ve got your back. As hosts of the podcast The Love Fix they’ve got the latest tools on how to navigate dating and how to thrive in a successful relationship.

On this episode Carla, Sherry, and I have way too much fun exchanging anecdotes and perspectives around why we get caught up in brutal cycles of dating shitty people. Which, we point out, is a result of us showing up pretty shitty ourselves. Meaning, we haven’t identified and healed the core false beliefs that lead us to people who can’t love us and vice versa. We also discuss releasing ourselves from codependency, finding peace & acceptance for ourselves first,  and what true love really feels like.

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