As we approach Libra season it feels appropriate to put the focus on seeking balance within ourselves and the World at large. The ultimate balance in life is that of the Yin and the Yang; those energies that balance the duality of life. Yet what happens when these energies are unbalanced? Well, look around you and you’ll see right away what happens when that balance is completely out of whack! Our world consists predominately of Yang energy leaving the feminine Yin ready for a resurgence. Jean Jung joins me on the show this week to share her unique perspective on these energies and ways we can bring them into greater harmony. Jean is a Jean Jung is a Transformational Holistic Writing Coach who draws from her own spiritual, creative, and culturally informed growth path to help those from complex and diverse backgrounds embody their most powerful, authentic voice to achieve their deep dreams and desires. 

On this episode, Jean and I engage in an exploration of how these Yin and Yang energies create the World we see today and how rebalancing them can change everything. Jean shares her personal story as a model minority but also black sheep/scapegoat of her family including living in Korea for seven years which created her perspective on how global and cultural shifts factor into how she helps people of color, women entrepreneurs, other paradigm shifters step into leadership we need right now. We also get into some tools Jean uses to help others self-soothe and release anxiety such as tapping, chanting, and dancing as well as insights into how understanding our North Node Astrology can change our focus in life.