The answers are written in the stars. Such deep wisdom and understanding can be retrieved from studying the skies and our birth charts. My guest this week, Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep, realized at an early age that she wanted to heal, reclaim her power, and understand herself better. She discovered astrology as a beautiful and powerful avenue to do so. Realizing that the greater understanding we have about ourselves, the more we can free ourselves and release painful fears, doubts, and insecurities. Now Jude inspires this seeking in others and spreads the word of the Great Healing that is occurring at this time.

On this episode, Jude and I get interstellar speaking about the Masculine/Feminine dynamic, the future of our species and the planet, the transformations happening on Earth, the Divine Feminine awakening journey, the current astrology for the present time, and the ways we can translate the wisdom of the stars. 

The Goddess Astrologer: Jude Hotep is a Professional Astrologer, Master Soul Coach, emotions expert and an expert on the Divine Feminine awakening journey. Jude has helped hundreds of women heal shadow, trauma, and old wounds to reclaim their power, make more money, and make a positive impact in the world. Host of The Light Goddess Podcast on iTunes and Spotify she encourages women to reclaim their confidence and run their life and business with their feminine flow and intuition. 


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