Happy New Year, Everybody! 2024, here we go! We’ve made it out of 2023, The Holidays, Mercury Retrograde, and into a brand new chapter. What will 2024 hold for you? Well, I know one thing, whatever it holds will be based in a large part on how you approach it. Will you repeat the same course of being stuck in patterns and routines that no longer serve you or take a new path focusing on the beautiful future you know to be waiting for you? The choice is yours.

On this first Divine Feminine Solo episode of 2024 I’m talking New Years resolutions, mantras, themes, goals and finding your true passion. I share my thoughts of the potential of 2024 to initiate a major shift in your life path, coming to a crossroads, and choosing the path of your Soul’s purpose. There was some strong and exited energy coming through while recording this, powerful and energized things are in store this year that is for sure! 

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