Alison Kate has a broad spectrum of poignant and holistic tools to help her clients heal and flourish body, mind, and soul.  Alison is a Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Trauma Processing Facilitator, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She offers a holistic approach which results in clients caring for themselves more deeply, and approaching the external world in new ways that improve connectivity, relationships, work, and overall lifestyle satisfaction. With the powerful variety of techniques she uses clients are able to resolve deeply ingrained traumas and patterns, address core wounds through metaphysical anatomy emotional healing, and create greater internal harmony, balance and manage psychic and empathic gifts, develop effective boundaries, 

On this episode, Alison and I have an in depth discussion about trauma processing including EMDR, Brainspotting, and EFT, repairing and restoring your innate self-trust, inner compass, confidence, and heart intelligence, and tapping into intuitive power, wisdom, and spiritual connection. Alison shares how she customizes sessions for her clients and assists people in listening to their bodies. She also offers some awesome tips and tricks for healthy and natural remedies and hygiene practices so get your notepad ready!

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