It often takes diving head first into all the sticky, messy, & unhealthy means of coping in life to gain spiritual understandings & reach a state of enlightenment. How else would you realize how backwards it is to harm yourself in order to feel better? And if it’s backwards, then what would it be to live in a forward manner? This is all to say that life can lead us to bizarre and unthinkable circumstances before we find our peace. My guest this week, Rae Leonard, shares the most delightfully raw, honest, and light hearted account of descending into the depths of addiction and darkness to then rise up again into the light to discover all her glorious intuitive, Divine Feminine gifts.

On this guest episode, Rae and I have a lovely conversation comparing stories of addiction, recovery, and uncovering the treasures found in the watery intuition of a Woman’s heart and mind. Rae’s unique regale of life growing up in the 70’s, partying like a rockstar, and then nearly drowning in housewife drug addiction. We laugh and marvel at how much more enjoyable life is when we’re treating ourselves kindly and consuming healthy products. Rae shares her unique insights into the claresenses and understanding of master cleansing. 

Rae Leonard is an author, intuitive guide and coach. Her latest book is titled, High Sobriety: A trip out of the bottle into your intuition. As a Transformationalist, Rae draws on her expertise in Jivamukti Yoga, VortexHealing®, performing arts, Conscious Language, and
master cleansing to help people who are ready for Post Traumatic Growth. She assists in dissipating subconscious triggers to allow people to become the frequency of their designs. One of her guiding principles is, “Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. It is physics.” – Albert Einstein

You can find Rae’s book & learn more about her here:
IG: @iamraeleonard